Aims and Scope
The journal will undertake problems of human creativity – its recognition, correlates, determinants, possibilities for its support and development – analyzed from the point of view of education, psychology, sociology, aesthetics, etc. Moreover, the journal will discuss issues of creative potential as well as actual creative achievements (everyday and eminent creativity). It will also consider methodological and statistical issues regarding quantitative and qualitative creativity studies in various countries. The journal is a platform for positive confrontation of the various ways of perceiving and investigating creativity; interparadigmatic and interdiscursive dialogue of the representatives of distinct theoretical and methodological options. The journal is published in an electronic form, in English, half-annually. We publish original theoretical papers, studies, overviews, and comments about current issues in human creativity from the perspective of various scholarly disciplines.

Journal Structure

From the Editors
Theories – concepts, polemics, syntheses
Research – reports, overviews, reintepretations
Social practices – creator profiles, applications, prognoses
Reports and reviews

Creativity. Theories-Research-Applications
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